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Years ago my beautiful wife and I were talking at church when she said “we ought to get some chickens”.

No lie, a minute later someone walked by and said, “do any of you want some chickens?”

Shocked and excited we had to say, “YES! BUT (and that’s a BIG but) we knew nothing about raising chickens.


How hard could it be, right?


That night we put our 4 adult chickens (affectionately called Uno, Dos, Tres and Cuatro, in honor of our recent stint in Honduras) into a vacant horse stall.

Tragedy struck yours truly (aka the uninformed and ill-prepared wanna-be chicken man).

Tres and Cuatro flew the “coop” within the first hour, as we underestimated their flying ability.

I chased them, but had no idea how to actually catch a chicken.

They were lost forever 🙁

Doubts set it. Maybe growing our own chickens wasn’t for us.

However, we trudged on and more chickens joined the ranks of Uno and Dos.

Sadly, everyone soon found their way to “chicken heaven” by hungry predators.

Determined, I put massive (perhaps ungodly) amounts of effort, time and money into raising chicken…and something surprising happened.

I got good (real good) at raising my own chicken and eggs.


  • Successfully Raised 100’s of birds.
  • Learned how to cut feed costs 100%.
  • Build my own mobile chicken coops.
  • Had my chicken do (almost) all my gardening.
  • Set up fool proof predator protection.
  • And much more!

If you don’t know what you’re doing, the road to success can be overwhelmingly difficult (and expensive).

But you don’t have to learn the hard way.

Raising chickens can be easy (if you have the right help).

I learned through books and hard knocks but longed for something better.

If only I had someone I could trust to help me in a more “personal” manner. And, if I could have only seen some of the stuff in action (on video).

Well, I’ve created something special to help others learn. This is something I wish I would have had, but didn’t exist.

I’ve released a four part Video Series covering THE most crucial elements of raising chickens: Why Chickens (with Joel Salatin), Easily Get started and DIY mobile coops.

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