This is where you’ll find all things animal-related when it comes to the homesteading lifestyle. Whether you’ve got backyard egg-laying chickens, raising meat birds, milking a dairy cow, or needing to learn how to butcher a pig, this is where you’ll find it!

When you bottle feed, you have to learn how much and how often to feed a newborn calf, but a calf can gain enough weight nursing with the
Whether making cheese products or raising cows for meat on your family farm, choosing the best cow breed for milk and meat will make a world of difference.
Whether you want to field dress a fresh wild turkey or clean, bone, breast and cook your heritage farm raised turkey, learn how to butcher a turkey first.
Organic Cornish Cross for your backyard or farm is the best breed to keep your cost low. You can use this guide on raising meat chickens to learn

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