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Divergence – Free Viewing Weekend

Divergence trailer and photo of a farm table.

We have an exciting opportunity for you all this Black Friday weekend!

First and foremost, we hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving (for our friends who live in the states). And we also hope there are enough leftovers to get you through the weekend without having to cook again!

Every time a soldier leaves, he is different, you are different. You have to rebuild every single time. Derrick and Paige Jackson just needed the freedom to be able to make better choices. They didn’t know what they were going to do next, but they knew they needed to rebuild differently this time.

If you haven’t yet seen episode 4 of the inspirational docuseries Divergence (and for those of you who are not yet Abundance Plus members), we’re offering a FREE viewing all weekend long!

You will fall in love with Derrick and Paige Jackson. Their story is one that’s incredibly inspiring. For those with family in the military, you’ll find it relatable and eye-opening, and if you find you’re feeling stuck in your current situation, you may even find a way out.

Paige and Derrick will be kicking off the viewing weekend with a live Q&A session starting on Friday, November 25th, at 7 PM Eastern.

Also, if you share this viewing with a friend, you’ll receive a bonus interview with the Jacksons!

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